Bradley's half-brothers, ex-girlfriend take the stand as trial penalty phase continues

24-year-old found guilty of murder in death of Brevard Deputy Barbara Pill

Brandon Bradley ws sentenced to death for the shooting death of Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill.
Brandon Bradley ws sentenced to death for the shooting death of Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill.

VIERA, Fla. – Day two of the penalty phase for Brandon Bradley was an emotional one. Earlier this week, a jury convicted him of killing Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill and now they must decide whether he should be put to death.

Bradley's two half-brothers took the stand Friday. They testified about how they were beaten by their stepfather growing up and how Bradley took the brunt of those beatings.

The testimony got so emotional Friday, jurors were wiping away tears.

"We wasn't bad children, man, because of that," said Bradley's half-brother Anthony Nelson in court Friday.

Nelson talked about the abuse he and his brothers took from their stepfather at an early age. He said for Bradleyn, it started when he was just 5 years old.

"Brandon wasn't bad. Brandon wasn't bad at all," Nelson said. "Like my brother said, he was happy, always had a smile on his face, but when you got somebody in the house that's constantly beating you, you're trying to get away from that."

The bad memories could be seen coming back to the 24-year-old. It was the first time since the start of his first-degree murder trial that Bradley showed emotion as tears rolled down his face.

For a month and a half, Bradley has sat stone-faced, something the judge warned jurors about ahead of time because of his psychotropic medication.

"Where would he hit him?" asked defense attorney Randy Moore.

"Face, legs, if he had a belt, whatever he could get his hands on he would use, just because we weren't his kids," replied Bradley's other half-brother, Keith Nelson.

Bradley's brothers described him as someone who always had a smile on his face; someone who would do anything to help someone out and not the person who opened fire on Pill during a traffic stop in March of 2012.

Carrie Ellison, Bradley's ex-girlfriend, was also called to the stand.

She said Bradley started acting differently after his cousin was killed and when she had a miscarriage with Bradley's child.

"He started using drugs more heavily, more prevalently, wasn't eating much. I guess (he) was just trying to numb himself from feeling any of the pains," said Ellison.

A psychologist also took the stand Friday. She testified that when Bradley was pulled over by Pill, he wasn't thinking normally and was acting with fear.

She said Bradley didn't know Pill just wanted to arrest him and not kill him.

Court is in recess until Tuesday morning. That's when the court will reveal whether Bradley will take the stand.

Attorney's said they hope the jury will begin deliberating Tuesday on whether Bradley should get life in prison or death.

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