Teen robbed at gunpoint at bus stop, deputies say

Deputies search for 2 men who robbed teen, may be connected to other robberies


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A teen was robbed at gunpoint at a school bus stop and now deputies believe he isn't the only victim.

Deputies are looking for two men who robbed a teenager at his bus stop and may be connected to two other robberies.

Local 6 spoke to the victim's friend, 16-year-old Justin Pendleton. He said he was in his driveway waiting for the bus to arrive across the street when he noticed a red car Thursday morning.

"My friend was at the bus stop. The car made a U-turn in front of our house, and I heard it stop and I saw my friend run," said Pendleton.

His friend had just been robbed at gunpoint and came to him for help. Pendleton alerted his father.

"I came in running and told him my friend got held at gunpoint for his phone and to empty his pockets, and my dad got in the car trying to find anything that resembled a red car," said Pendleton.

Deputies believe the same armed thieves are connected to two additional robberies.

Just 4 miles away around the same time a man had his cellphone and wallet stolen near the intersection of Alafaya Trail and Research Parkway.

Deputies have also connected the gunmen to a robbery on March 31.

In all three robberies, a newer-model red compact car, possibly a BMW or Acura, was used. The car license plate is 638QLT.

Suzy Davis and Norman Davis live near the bus stop.

"If you're out that early and these things are happening, it's frightening," said Suzy Davis.

Her husband worries that kids in the area will now be scared to go to school.

"If they're robbing kids at the bus stops, what do have to do? You have to do start having policemen at the bus stops?" said Norman Davis. "Where are you safe? They're just robbing kids for their lunch money?"

Deputies said they aren't releasing a composite sketch of the suspects at this point because they were wearing masks.

Because of the proximity to UCF's campus, UCF police sent out an alert to all students and staff telling them what happened and are offering students a free escort during night time hours.