Brevard School Board to vote on closure policy


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Brevard School Board members are expected to vote Tuesday night on a closure policy that would set the direction for which schools could close if the district's budget woes continue, Local 6 News partner Florida Today reports.

After debate this winter, officials are considering a weighted analysis that would assign points to schools that meet certain criteria.

Out of 100 points, the schools with the most points would likely be recommended for closure. The Brevard School Board would make the final decision, however, and historically have closed fewer schools than originally recommended.

"It takes the emotion out of it," School Board Chairwoman Karen Henderson said. "When you take out the emotion from it, you can make a more fair decision based on real data or specific criteria."

Brevard has closed four schools in two years, and leaders say more could close if a half-cent sales tax fails at the ballot in November. Officials closed Riverview and South Lake elementary schools in Titusville, Gardendale in Merritt Island and Clearlake Middle in Cocoa.

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