Call for 'Art Box' artists

Mills 50 Main Street to decorate 15 dumpsters

Lee Vandergrift
Lee Vandergrift (Lee Vandergrift)

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Mills 50 Main Street District and the City of Orlando are looking for two-dimensional artists for their latest public art project.

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There are already 27 art boxes located throughout downtown, some of which are transportation engineering utility cabinets.

Now, they're looking to transform 15 dumpsters using the artwork of local artists.

All artists living in Orange County are encouraged to submit designs to a judging panel for review. Those entries must be sent in no later than Friday, April 25th.

Designs must include:

-One base color for all four sides of the dumpster

-"Mills 50" must be featured in the design

-Must be pleasing to look at

You can send hard copies of submissions to: Mills 50 Main Street District, 1200 Weber Street, Orlando, FL 32803 or you can email them to: director@mills50.org.

If your submission is accepted, you'll receive $100 for materials and a $100 stipend.

All work must be finished by May 31.

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