Apopka mayor, 93, ousted in runoff election

Joe Kilsheimer receives 54 percent of vote, besting John Land

11pm Apopka New Mayor
11pm Apopka New Mayor

APOPKA, Fla. – Joe Kilsheimer is celebrating a historic win as Apopka mayor over 93-year-old John Land, who has served as mayor for more than six decades.

In Tuesday's runoff election, Kilsheimer received 54 percent of the vote, while Land got 46 percent.

Kilsheimer celebrated the victory Tuesday night with supporters at Errol Estate Gold and Country Club.

"Its an amazing day," said Kilsheimer. "Apopka has waited for this time and we did it."

But as Kilsheimer celebrated his victory, America's oldest mayor is still letting the news sink in.

"I love Apopka," Land told a large crowd after the results. "Wouldn't you be broken-hearted? I love the people of Apopka. I'd like to say I'm heartbroken that they didn't support me."

Before Tuesday, Land had only lost one mayoral election since 1949. He helped lead Apopka to become the second largest city in Orange County.

"Mayor Land is an institution in Apopka," said Kilsheimer of his opponent. "Thousands love, admire and respect him and no election will diminish his accomplishments over 60 years."

Kilsheimer said it's now time to build a new Apopka, bringing together people of all different classes, races and ages.

"We've got to create jobs in Apopka, we have to deal with the growth we know is coming, and we need to create a more transparent government," Kilsheimer said.