Jury finds man in 'Warlocks' trial not guilty of murder

Jurors deadlocked on one other charge of attempted murder


SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A jury reached a verdict Wednesday night in the case of a Longwood biker accused of killing two members of a rival motorcycle gang, and trying to kill two others.

David Maloney, 54, is the first of four defendants to go on trial for the shootout that happened at the Winter Springs VFW in 2012 and left three people dead.

Judge Marlene Alva acquitted Maloney of one of the second-degree murder charges he faced earlier this week.

Wednesday night, the jury found Maloney not guilty on two counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree premeditated murder. However, there was a mistrial on count 5 (attempted first-degree premeditated murder). A hearing is scheduled to be held May 14.

Maloney's attorney argued Maloney shot in self defense when he walked outside and started firing at the victims.

"Did he or did he not act in self defense?" Michael Lafay, Maloney's attorney asked jurors.  "If you believe he did, you must find him not guilty," he continued.

The victims were members of the Florida Warlocks according to prosecutors, and Maloney is the leader of the Philly Warlocks, the state said during the trial.

Maloney's group was hosting a fundraiser at the VFW on a Sunday morning in September of 2012, when members of the Florida Warlocks drove up.

Maloney admitted he opened fire,  but told jurors he did it because the Florida Warlocks wanted him dead.

"Were Mr. Maloney's actions reasonable that morning?" prosecutor Stewart Stone asked jurors during closing arguments.  "No they were not," He answered.