Deputies issue warning after drivers in Volusia County targeted with BB gun

Deputies confirm 3 shootings at night in Ormond Beach this week


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – There's a warning for drivers in Volusia County as deputies say someone is targeting cars with a BB gun, and already one woman has been injured.

Each of the three confirmed shootings this week happened at night along the 1300 block of Fleming Avenue in Ormond Beach.

The victims fear someone could get seriously injured or killed.

"It just slammed the side of the car. It was so loud that it startled me," said Beverly Rainey, who said she was driving to work and realized she had been shot at. "It scared me. It really scared me."

The same goes for Allan Gurley, who said, "I heard 'Pow' on the side of the car."

Deputies think someone is targeting passing cars with a BB gun. Dents on the side of victim's cars seem small, but to drivers, it's a sign someone is aiming to injure.

"It was almost like a sniper shooting, because they are targeting vehicles," said Rainey.

The shooter also targeted a van from Rima Ridge Baptist Church. The suspected BB was strong enough it shattered the van's window and hit a woman, leaving "redness and swelling" on her back, said a deputy's report.

The man driving his family in the church van called 911 and said in a worried voice, "Somebody shot our bus," and, "We heard a big pop and you can see a little hole, it looks like somebody shot it."

Drivers fear the next time could be worse.

"You think BB gun, but this is a high-powered BB gun. This could hurt somebody," said Gurley. "The dent that that thing made, if it had hit me in the head, it could have injured me bad or killed me."

Deputies have no suspects and believe all three cases are related.