Central Florida woman's car shot while she was driving

76-year-old says she'll now avoid I-4

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APOPKA, Fla. – When an Apopka woman got home from work, she found a hole in the roof of her car and a bullet on her dashboard.

Marlene Kubiak, 76, had no idea how the bullet got into her car. An Orange County Sheriff's deputy told her it must have come from an overpass while she was driving on Interstate 4.

Kubiak noticed it when she heard an odd noise while she was driving. She said she thought maybe a rock had hit her car, but she couldn't figure out how it got inside.

"It was rolling back and forth on the dash and I thought it looked odd," Kubiak said. "I took it into my husband and he says that's a hollow-point bullet. And then I got shaky."

Kubiak, who doesn't own a gun, told Local 6 she was exiting I-4 at the Maitland Boulevard exit in Orange County when she discovered the hole and the bullet. She called the sheriff's office.

The deputy "told us with the angle of the bullet, it couldn't have happened here," said Kubiak. "It had to have been from up above. Oh, I physically got sick. It scared me so much and everybody that knows about it said the same thing."

Kubiak said her granddaughter usually rides in the passenger seat.

"That would've certainly killed someone if that had hit them," said Kubiak.

Kubiak said when she heads back to work in the morning, she plans to avoid I-4.

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