Casting call for zombie film held in Melbourne

Filming begins next month in Brevard County

(Florida Today)

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Those mad about zombies could be cast in "Green From the Grave," an independent short film chock full of dark humor and action.

According to Local 6 News partner Florida Today, a call for extras and actors is being held Saturday at Wolfman and Wolfman PA in Melbourne.

"Shooting will begin May 3 and 4 at various locations around Melbourne and Palm Bay," said director Roy Lewis Garton, a veteran actor with a background in television broadcasting. Rain date is May 10 and 11.

"Green From the Grave" is a short film being produced for film festivals across Florida by Space Coast Film and Talent Group in association with FDMC productions, he added. In addition to the dark humor, the zombie short contains adult language, some violence and gore. While the parts are unpaid, actors and extras will be listed in the credits.

Bring headshots and resumes. For actors who wish to read for a specific part (see below), email roy@floridadudemarketingconcepts.com.

Last week, about 300 people answered a casting call for extras and crew for "The Martial Arts Kid," a movie starring real-life martial arts stars Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock. Filming for that starts in June.

In "Green From the Grave," there are five main characters, two secondary and about five extras needed. Filmmakers also are scouting for two white cars that will have screen time.

Thanks to AMC's smash hit "The Walking Dead" or the local Zombie Walks in downtown Melbourne of years past, pop culture fascination with zombies could help visibility for "Green From the Grave."

"Horror is making a very strong comeback," Garton said. "A lot more visual effects can be created on a cheaper budget today and still look very realistic. The millenniums growing up today have a strong fascination with that.

"I think that's why zombies have such a huge following," he added. "It allows people to go into a fantasy world and still enjoy a good movie."