Headstone donated to mourning Palm Coast family

Family could not afford gravestone after Palm Coast mother's murder


PALM COAST, Fla. – A family of six who lost their mother to a tragedy, will hopefully gain a sense of peace at a special ceremony honoring their mother Friday, WJXT reports.

Zuheily Rosado was brutally murdered in 2013. One of her daughters remains upset because she said her mother's grave is the only one at the cemetery without a headstone, and that no one would know who her mom was because she didn't have a marker.

Thanks to the Justice Coalition and a local company, a brand new headstone will be unveiled at Rosado's grave today.

"We will have the unveiling of that head stone and this young girl will have a dream come true as she helps to unveil this stone," said Ann Dugger with the Justice Coalition.

Dugger said the Justice Coalition couldn't be happier to help make this happen.

Zuheily Rosado
Zuheily Rosado

Zuheily Rosado was 32 years-old when she was gunned down in February 2013 while working at a Palm Coast gas station to support her six children.

Her second to oldest daughter, 16-year-old Kaylee, was having a hard time dealing with the loss of her mother. But what keeps her and her siblings from finding peace, is that they can't afford a gravestone to help properly remember their mother.

Thanks to the Justice Coalition and Southern Monument, a beautiful headstone will be unveiled Friday at a ceremony honoring Zuheily and the brave children she left behind.

"Being able to have this for remembrance today there could be a place they can go back and see their mother has a name, they can sit at the grave and find a place of remembrance and remember those things that was so special to them as they were growing up," said Dugger.

Dugger thinks the ceremony will finally bring this family the happiness they deserve.

"I think this is going to change her future and knowing she can go there and my mama has her name," said Dugger.

Dugger said that the family knows about the ceremony and the unveiling of their mother's headstone but she said there are a few surprises in store for them. The ceremony will take place at noon Friday at Craig Flagler Memorial Cemetery, 511 Old Kings Road South in Flagler Beach. The event is open to the public.