Man accused of stalking 12-year-old girl in Volusia County

Deputies say man approached girl multiple times


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies have arrested a man they say stalked a 12-year-old girl in Volusia County.

At 8:05 a.m., a deputy responded to 1621 Elizabeth Street in New Smyrna in reference to an assault of a juvenile.

Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with a man who said Tarrence Green, a neighbor who lives down the street, has been continuously following her daughter.

The man told the deputy her daughter has previously complained to her about Green and his attempts to initiate unwanted conversations.

The girl told deputies some of the instances in the past, including when Green approached the girl outside a McDonald's.

Green allegedly told the girl, "I want to talk to you about how you and my daughter are getting along."

The girl said she and Green's daughter were fine and didn't talk much, and then walked away with her friends toward her school.

Green then got inside his pickup and followed the girl, asking her to get inside his truck because he wanted to talk to her. Deputies said she refused and when Green left the area, he almost hit one of her friends because he was driving on the sidewalk behind them. The girl told her mother about the situation afterwards.

A week after the incident, deputies said Green began following the girl and her sister on a scooter. The girl told deputies Green asked her, "Why did you run from me at McDonalds?" The girl ignored Green and continued walking down the street. Deputies said Green began yelling her name, asking her to come back and talk with him. The two girls then ran to a neighbor's house and waited until Green left.

On Thursday, deputies said the girl was walking north again on the street while on her way to school when she saw Green outside a neighbor's house. He approached her and asked what door he should knock on to get in contact with the neighbor whose house he was standing at. She pointed towards the front door and continued northbound, not speaking with him, deputies said.

The girl told deputies Green began to ask her questions about his phone and how to get Wi-Fi. She answered his question and said she had to go to school and could not talk.

The girl saw Green enter a green four-door Buick and he began to drive alongside her while she was walking. While driving at a slow pace next to her, Green asked her to come with him to find Wi-Fi. Deputies said she told him, "No," and began to call her mother on her cellphone.

According to the girl, when Green realized she was on the phone with her mother he put his finger in front of his mouth as a gesture for her to be quiet. Deputies said Green then sped ahead and parked in a driveway. The girl was in fear to continue walking down the street and went back to her home.

Later on Thursday, deputies attempted to perform a traffic stop as Green's vehicle merged onto westbound Interstate 4. However, Green proceeded west onto the westbound I-4 without stopping.

After catching up with Green, the deputy read Green warnings from an issued Miranda warning card. After receiving the warning, Green said he failed to stop because of the fact that he had a suspended drivers license, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Green was then charged with fleeing and eluding, and driving while license suspended. Green was additionally charged with aggravated stalking of a child under 16 years of age.