Crews fill sinkhole that threatened 2 homes in The Villages

Sinkhole stabilized in neighborhood


THE VILLAGES, Fla. – A large sinkhole that opened between two homes in a neighborhood in The Villages has been stabilized, according to officials.

Firefighters were called to one of the homes around 9 a.m. Saturday to check out reports of a sinkhole.

Rick Kay, project manager with Helicon Sinkhole Repair, said the hole was about 25 feet wide and 50 feet deep. The owners of one of those homes called his company out a couple weeks ago after noticing a depression in their yard.

"We were in the process of repairing a sinkhole at the house and with the heavy rains that passed through a couple night ago, it reactivated," said geologist Drew Glasbrenner.

Crews continued pouring grout into the hole to try and keep it from expanding, but late Saturday night officials said they were concerned it was getting bigger and moving toward the road.

Engineers, geologists and firefighters monitored the sinkhole.

"We'll be working around the clock tonight to get it fixed," Kay said.

As many as five cement trucks at a time lined Chalmer Terrace all day Saturday.

Both homes are unoccupied. Kay told Local 6 the owners of one home are in Alabama and the other is a rental property. He said the tenants were already scheduled to move out Saturday.

Dozens of people who live in the neighborhood stood outside and said they're keeping a close eye on the situation.

"I think it's terrible, I do. I think it's terrible. But this is The Villages and we take care of each other," said resident, Linda Wiernasc.

Helicon Properties announced on Sunday that the sinkhole had stabilized and they were able to completely fill the hole.

Officials with the company said they will continue to work to repair any damage to the homes and take care of landscaping.

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