Brevard County commissioners consider gas tax


Gas prices just seem to keep climbing, and now prices on the Space Coast could go up even more because commissioners are considering adding a gas tax.

From August 2013 to March of 2014, the Blue Ribbon Advisory Board for Transportation Infrastructure, a group of 16 chosen by Brevard County commissioners, were analyzing and reviewing road maintenance needs for the county.

Commissioners wanted them to provide short-and long-term funding solutions to fix the county's damaged roads.

"I just think they already have enough money for stuff around here. Every time I turn around they're raising taxes on something," said Brevard County resident Jack Nelson.

According to documents filed to the county, the board came up with four solutions: impact fees, infrastructure sales tax, public services tax and gas tax.

"I just don't think they need to raise gas. It's already high enough," said Nelson.

The board says Brevard County has the ability to levy and additional 6 cents per gallon in gas taxes.

According to the documents, the gas hike would generate $7.8 million needed for transportation projects that have been underfunded for years, but some folks think the 6 cents is a little steep with gas prices being so expensive.

"I think it's awful. They don't spend money wisely they get now and the gas is so expensive. I can't expect it go up anymore," said Brevard County resident Gary Houck.

The county commission is scheduled to consider the proposed tax hikes on Thursday, May 1.

If they vote to approve the gas tax, the board says it will take effect January 1, 2015.

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