SpaceX working towards reusable rockets at Cape Canaveral


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – SpaceX announced the success of what they're calling the "reusable rocket" on Friday in Washington, DC., fueling optimism that more jobs could be headed to the Space Coast.

CEO Elon Musk announced SpaceX had successfuly launched a Falcon 9 rocket, only to have it return to Earth under its own power.

The rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral last Friday, carrying a payload to the International Space Station.

Instead of falling to the Earth, the four booster rockets rocketed into the Earth's atmosphere, making a gentle, controlled landing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

"We kind of got unlucky that we landed this stage in the middle of a big storm," Musk told reporters at the National Press Club. "Hopefully, this time we won't have to do that."

Musk announced that each launch from the Kennedy Space Center from here on out will be using the Falcon 9R (resuable) rockets, and they will be making their "soft landings" closer to the Florida shore.

"If all goes well, I am optimistic that we'll be able to land the state at Cape Canaveral by the end of the year."

Whether SpaceX will need workers in Brevard County to help refurbish the rockets after each use remains unanswered, but Musk said this is just the beginning.

Musk said he's looking ahead to the time soon when humans will travel into space with resuable rockets.

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