Ormond Beach police officer shoots, kills pit bull attacking partner

Dog attacked person last week, mauled cat Monday, police say


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – An Ormond Beach police officer shot and killed a pit bull after the dog mauled a neighbor's cat and attacked a fellow officer.

The shooting happened Monday morning at 14 Byron Ellinor Drive.

According to Ormond Beach police, officers were called to the area when the pit bull attacked a cat.  The dog then attacked an officer, biting him on the neck and arm, said police, who added that the other officer shot and killed the pit bull.

The officer who was bitten, identified only as Officer LaBrie, needed stitches to close the wound on his neck, police said.

Police said an 83-year-old woman owned the pit bull, which was under quarantine because the dog attacked a person walking three dogs on Thursday.  The three dogs died as a result of the attack, police said.

Ormond Beach police said the owner was supposed to have the pit bull on a leash as part of the quarantine conditions, but she let the dog roam her fenced-in yard Monday and it escaped.