Sandhill crane dies after trap attempt at Brevard intersection

Trapper attempting to aid limping crane when incident occurred

(Florida Today)

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – The female Sandhill crane that was causing traffic backups along a Brevard County road has died after an attempt to trap it.

Wildlife trapper James Dean said that the crane was electrocuted after the trapper tried to use a net gun to trap the bird.

After the net gun trapping attempt, the crane apparently flew into a telephone pole Saturday morning at the intersection of NASA Boulevard and Evans Road.

The female crane was taken to the wildlife hospital, but later died. Trappers were trying to aid the crane, which was limping prior to the incident, according to Florida Today.

The male crane is still at the intersection, according to Dean.

The crane's death comes after the cranes were wandering into traffic and attacking to protect their nests. Officials relocated the nest and eggs, but the birds remained at the intersection.