2nd pit bull killed after attacks in Volusia neighborhood

Dog owner says pit bull was 'gutted like a fish'

Local 6 News at 6:00p
Local 6 News at 6:00p

DELTONA, Fla. – A Deltona woman says she was forced to put her dog down after her neighbor stabbed it several times.

Cassie Philbrick says her 3-year-old pit bull, Kaya, had deep stab wounds on her head and all down her side."That dog protected me, you know, the dog did nothing but be loyal to me and my son and she doesn't deserve that," she said. According to the veterinarian's report, the wounds were made with a 4-inch blade.

Philbrick says a neighbor stabbed her dog several times after it attacked the man's sister.

"Usually my dog is chained but at the time it wasn't.. and just got over the fence," she said.

The mother of the woman who was attacked tells Local 6 she and her family were walking their small dog when the pit bull ran up and bit her daughter's arm several times.

"I just see the dog running out and it was on top of her...it was on top of her, he knocked her down and she was back, and she couldn't do anything with her hand," said Maria Angle.

Angle wouldn't discuss what her son did to protect his sister, but Philbrick says she found a large knife case in front of her home.

"The extent he killed my dog was above and beyond, if someone can do that to a dog, what else can they do?" she said.

This is the second pit bull incident in Volusia County, where the dog was killed after getting loose and attacking a neighbor.

Both cases are closed and no charges were filed in either case.