Deltona city commissioner says dozens of campaign signs stolen

Commissioner Zenaida Denizac: 'I can assure you that I'm going to catch that person'


DELTONA, Fla. – A Deltona city commissioner says dozens of her political signs were stolen.

Commissioner Zenaida Denizac is running for the mayor of Deltona and said as many as 70 of her campaign signs were stolen early Sunday morning.

Denizac has filed a report with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office and deputies are now investigating the claim.

Denizac said the signs were stolen from supporters' yards off Elkcam Boulevard. She said her supporters started calling and texting to tell her they woke up Sunday morning to find their signs gone.

"I think these are basically the cowardly actions of thugs," said Denizac.

Denizac said she and her husband also found broken wooden sticks that hold some of her signs up in the woods off of Elkcam Boulevard and Monday morning found a sign that had been spray-painted.

"My message to the people is, 'I'm going to get you. I'm going to go out there and if I find out who you are, I'm going to press charges and you will be exposed, and you will never again steal anymore political signs in your life,'" said Denizac.

The commissioner said this is not the first time she's dealt with vandalism or stolen signs. She told Local 6 during her 2010 campaign, 500 signs were stolen and she filed a report with the Sheriff's Office, but no one was ever charged or arrested.

"This time I can assure you, I can assure you that I'm going to catch that person because some of the signs were strategically placed where there are surveillance cameras," Denizac said.

A family that lives off of Elkcam told Local 6 they've given investigators a copy of surveillance video from their home system. It shows a car circling the area a few times around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

The Sheriff's Office said it is an ongoing investigation.