Monkey slaps news anchor during live segment

Anchor 'teased' monkey with grape


HOUSTON – A news studio can become an unpredictable setting when bringing guests for live segments.

The unpredictability is magnified when the live guest is an animal.

KHOU-TV's Deborah Duncan got a surprise during her live interview segment with the Staples Safari Zoo on "Great Day Houston."

The zoo representative invited Duncan to feed a monkey named Wilson. The capuchin monkey was no stranger to the spotlight, having starred in the movie "Dr. Doolittle."

When Duncan went to give Wilson a grape, she pulled it back briefly before letting Wilson grab it. Frustrated by being teased, Wilson slapped Duncan on her forehead.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to tease you," Duncan told Wilson.

Duncan wasn't hurt and laughed it off with the zoo worker and the rest of her news team.