SunRail to enforce rules for riders

No food, drinks among rules for passengers

Local 6 News at Noon
Local 6 News at Noon

WINTER PARK, Fla. – You'll have to finish that fresh croissant or refreshing iced tea before you hop on the SunRail train.

Other than a cup of coffee, no food or drinks are allowed on board, according to SunRail officials.

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"The conductor is going to be watching, I mean, he (and she) has a lot to do," said Steve Olson, spokesperson for the Florida Department of Transportation.

There will be one conductor supervising two cars-- that's over 280 seats.

Before the train moves out of the station, the conductor will be making sure passengers are wearing shoes and shirts, they're not drinking or smoking anything, and animals are in carriers, away from the aisles.

The conductor will also be spot checking tickets and lowering ramps for passengers in wheelchairs.

Still, officials promise the trains will be in and out.

"It's not going to take that long, I mean, our linger time here at each station is going to be a minute, maybe a little more than that, we're going to be in and out," said Olson.

Jeff Hunt and his family plan on taking their bicycles on board.

"Take it up to DeLand, ride around, see what there's to see up there and come back," he said.

There will be designated spaces for bikes to be strapped down.

As for all the rules, officials are relying heavily on the honor system.

"A lot of this is going to be asking the public for their help with, their trust, their cooperation to make this work," said Olson.