Couple gets married in emergency room

Groom has heart attack 15 minutes before wedding


PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Bob Adams had a funny feeling 15 minutes before his marriage. However, he wasn't getting cold feet.

"I thought it was because I was dressed in a suit and tie - which I never wear," Adams told KDKA-TV.

His family noticed Adams was turning white and soon, he realized he was having a heart attack.

Adams didn't want to leave the venue because he was set on getting married. He tried to take pills, but they didn't work. Paramedics were called and they told him he needed to go to the hospital.

"He said that he was getting married one way or another, no matter what," said Rob Leuthold, a North Huntingdon paramedic.

After convincing Adams to go to the hospital, he devised a plan with the paramedics. Once the emergency room physician left, the couple's priest showed up to perform the ceremony.

"I said 'We're not doing the last rites. We're doing a marriage' and everybody bust out laughing," Adams said.

"It was sweet," said Beth Walter, a North Huntingdon paramedic. "I don't even know these people and I was tearing up at the wedding."