Sold-out prom angers students, parents

School: Venue is too small

GOODYEAR, Ariz. – For most students, it's something they only get to experience once. However, some students in Arizona will never get to go to their senior prom because it is sold out.

Desert Edge High School in Goodyear chose the Dolce Salon and Spa as this year's venue. However, the school was only allotted 350 tickets. All of the tickets were sold a week before prom, leaving many students with no chance to attend.

"I think it's crazy because not only me, but a lot of my friends weren't able to get tickets," D'Kiya Johnson told KPHO-TV. "As a senior, I don't have another chance to do this."

Many students and parents stand to lose hundreds of dollars after buying prom dresses and putting down payments on other services earlier in the year.

"I spent so much money making sure his prom date was taken care of, he was taken care of," said Sophia Pollard, a parent. "Now the school is basically telling me 'Oh well. Sorry. Too bad.'"

Agua Fria School District leaders told KPHO-TV they thought the spa would be big enough based on previous proms.

"There were only 199 tickets sold as of 10 days ago," said superintendent Dr. Dennis Runyan. "So, in fairness to the school district and site administration, this happened and it is real, but it is not something you would normally anticipate."

The school was able to get 20 more tickets that will be given out through a lottery process. However, since each ticket is good for one person only, the lottery winners may not be able to bring a date.