No more mortgage?

Local man Darran La Vine explains how it is possible.


ORLANDO, Fla. – Darrin La Vine was months away from losing his home to foreclosure when a relative told him about a plan that could erase his mortgage and give him the house free and clear. That was 2010.

Today La Vine, a former commercial roofing contractor  is helping central Florida homeowners  do what he did .

"We're winning-, trust me, we're winning!" 

La Vine's "Free and Clear" mantra is on the back of his company business card: Titans Reserve Group , PMA.

It's a private "members only" association with headquarters in Longwood.

La Vine doesn't market the company;  no billboards, no websites,  just word of mouth.

The company ‘s reputation has built a membership La Vine  estimates  to be at "upwards of 800 members."

With a packet of documents ready to be sent by registered mail to everyone from the State Attorney General to the Office of Thrift Supervision  the founder guides members on how and when to file court action that he says will ultimately eliminate the mortgage.

La Vine says they simply ask "to whom do we owe and how much?" If the banks don't respond, it's game on.

The questions are filed and issued to the lenders three times over a three-month period.

If the financial lender doesn't reply, that opens the door to a quiet title action.

Pat and Sandy Barrett of Apopka took on Bank of America, asking the lender to produce the note for their mortgage debt. The documents were filed in January 2013.

Two months later, Pat and Sandy  Barrett  were  issued a quiet title In Orange County Circuit Court that reads in part: "Settling quiet title to plaintiff's property in plaintiff's favor now and for all time."

But while many members are enjoying the quiet title results, others are still nervously  waiting.

Sandra and Robert Dane called Local 6 when they received a letter a few weeks ago from Wells Fargo Bank.

The Danes first started their quest for no mortgage debt in 2011.  Next month they are supposed to lose their home.

The Danes stopped paying their mortgage they say, because the company "said we could."

La Vine says that's what he did but each case is different.

"It could  take six months, nine months a year, I can't control the court system."

La Vine says as long as you keep paying your mortgage while the process is underway your credit remains solid.

Once you have quiet title you can sell the house at any time. There are no restrictions

But Sherri Dewitt a mortgage foreclosure defense attorney says she's skeptical.

"I'm not gonna say its not going to happen ever, but the odds are astronomically small."

La Vine says he stands by his results.