'Ninjas' behind Windermere burglary may be connected to SW Fla. home invasions

Collier County Sheriff's Office task force travels to meet with Windermere officers


WINDERMERE, Fla. – Police believe a group of ninja robbers behind a burglary at a Windermere home could be connected to a string of similar crimes in southwest Florida. Investigators said they will likely strike again.

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The Collier County Sheriff's Office created a task force to investigate five home invasion robberies in upscale parts of the Naples area.

The task force traveled to central Florida on Monday to meet with Windermere police officers investiating a home invasion robbery that happened at a million-dollar home on Lake Butler last week.

"The purpose of sending our folks up there is to talk with the authorities up there, look at whatever forensic evidence they may have and what not," said Jim Williams, who is the chief of investigations for the Collier County Sheriff's Office.

Together, the investigators are taking a look at surveillance camera images and video captures at the homes that have been robbed. Detectives said some of the similarities include the façade the robbers have, homeowners being tied up and vehicles being stolen.

A reward of $26,000 is being offered in Collier County for any tip that leads to an arrest.