Golf club-wielding woman, 89, chases sword-wielding robber

Woman: 'Little' sword wasn't threatening


MOSES LAKE, Wash. – A sword-wielding robber likely never expected such a fight from an 89-year-old woman.

Moses Lake police say a man attempted to rob Frank's Market on Sunday. When the robber walked into the store, police say no one was behind the register.

Enter 89-year-old Miyo Koba. She found the man standing at the cash register when she walked out from the back of the store.

"He started pounding on the register trying to open it because I wouldn't do it for him," Koba told KREM-TV.

Koba says she happened to have a pair of scissors in her hand when she encountered the robber.

"I said, 'If you don't get your hands off the till, I'm going to stab you with the scissors," Koba said.

Koba told police the man became frustrated and threatened her with his own weapon.

"He pulled out his little sword out of his little jacket and he just kind of waved it a little bit," said Koba. "I didn't feel threatened. It just probably made me a little bit more brave."

When the robber tried to push Koba out of the way, she had enough.

"I fell down and found the [golf] club," Koba said. "So I tried to swing this club at him and I tried to hit his head a couple of times."

Koba says while she couldn't reach his head, she still hit him hard in his legs.

Police say the robber quickly ripped the register from the counter, got on a BMX bike and rode away.

Officers later recovered the man's clothes, the register and the "little" sword.