Woman carjacked describes fighting off gunman outside Orlando Walmart

Woman escapes after being approached in parking lot on South Kirkman Road


ORLANDO, Fla. – A mother carjacked and nearly kidnapped by a man with a gun at a busy Walmart parking lot told Local 6 how she fought her attacker and escaped.

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The man followed her as she walked through the Walmart parking lot on South Kirkman Road and then stuck a gun in her face the moment she got to her car.

"I'm going to die," thought Nadine Laudoas, who said she remembers every moment the man held her at gunpoint.

Security video from Sunday night shows the man follow her through the parking lot, according to an Orlando Police Department report. After she put her groceries in the car, he opened the driver's door and put a gun to her face.

"He put the gun in my face. He told me, 'Give me the money,'" said Laudoas. "He told me, 'If you want to die, call for help,' because I had my phone in my hand."

She had no money so he shoved her over into the passenger's seat and was about to drive her to an ATM to withdraw cash, but when he put his gun in his pocket and started to drive, that's when she took her chance to escape.

"I pushed him. I opened the door. I called for help," she said.

But Laudoas did more than call for help. Police said she held onto his clothes to keep him from getting away. She even grabbed the keys out of the ignition so he could not drive off and kidnap her. He managed to run off and now police want him caught.

He's described as a skinny black man in his 20s who wore a white tank top, blue jean shorts, a red hat, red belt and red shoes.