Brevard County inmates to be used to walk dogs

Sheriff Wayne Ivey says program will help make animals 'more adoptable'


SHARPES, Fla. – Inmates in Brevard County will soon be used to walk dogs.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Thursday that the county's Animal Services Department, currently maintained by the board of county commissioners, has a volunteer shortage and inmates will be used to walk shelter dogs.

The Sheriff's Office will begin operating the Animal Service Department on October 1. 

Earlier this year, the agency began providing inmates to provide maintenance and cleaning services at the shelter.

"Several commissioners contacted me a week after the issue was raised, seeking assistance and support to enhance the current shelter volunteer efforts," Ivey said.  "I think this is an exceptional solution that will not financially impact our citizens, while benefiting our shelter pets."

Ivey added that his department's services will help the animals.

"By volunteering my chain gang and inmate labor, we provide a very valuable resource and help the animals by making them more adoptable," Ivey said.