Brevard police 'ticketing' children for good behavior

(Florida Today)

WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. – West Melbourne police are "ticketing" children for making good decisions, Local 6 news partner Florida Today reports.

For choosing to use the crosswalk, Torryn Doughty, 12, and Jacob Klenotich, 13, were given coupons for free sandwiches at Firehouse Subs.

"I'm actually very stunned and right now I'm shaking," Klenotich said.

It was one of the first outings for "Operation Commendable Kids." Timed to coincide with the end of the school year, West Melbourne police are rewarding kids all summer.

For things like behaving well, playing sports or becoming involved in community service, elementary and middle school kids could get a certificate and something donated from a local business.

Police want to have more positive interactions with children and the community, with each officer looking to issue a child at least one "ticket" per shift.

For wearing helmets on skateboards, Nick Hart, 9, and Killian Meyer-Rhodes, 7, were given coupons for free McDonald's milk shakes.

For wearing helmets on bicycles, Kaylee Eddleman, 6, and her brother Connor, 8, got coupons for $5 at Northstar Ice Cream Depot.