Volusia County teacher disciplined over 'inappropriate' classroom remarks

Teacher in special needs classroom made 'offensive' comments about coworkers, students

Local 6 News at 7:00p
Local 6 News at 7:00p

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A Volusia County teacher has been given a new position after making inappropriate and offensive comments in the classroom.

According to a school board spokesperson, Brian Roney, 46, will have to serve a five day, unpaid suspension from his new job at Seabreeze High School.

Discipline from the board for what they say were inappropriate comments Roney made while teaching at Holly Hill School in a special needs classroom.

According to investigation documents, Roney made sexual comments about his female coworkers, saying "I'm not normally into black ladies but she's pretty hot, I'd get at that," and "I wish she didn't bat for the other team. I'd be tappin' that."

Roney is also accused of making racial slurs to students threatening them with, "Go ahead, I'll kick your black a**."

The district pulled him out of the classroom once they started their investigation in November, gave him a desk job at the transportation department, and a few weeks ago, reassigned him to Seabreeze High School as a PE teacher.

A school board spokesperson says Roney is not a danger to students, but some parents at Holly Hill say they're disappointed in the school board for not firing Roney.

"The behavior - just coming from a teacher to a student, it's not acceptable, I would not, as a parent I would not like to have my kid talked to that way by a teacher - and you're supposed to trust the people in school that's teaching your kid," said Melissa Johns, a parent.

Local 6 did reach out to Roney, but he declined an interview request saying at the advice of his attorney he has no comment on any of the allegations.