Daytona Beach clerk opens fire on robbers

Video shows masked gunmen robbing gas station

Authorities search for gunmen who robbed a Daytona Beach gas station.
Authorities search for gunmen who robbed a Daytona Beach gas station.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A convenience store clerk opened fire on at least three masked gunmen who robbed a Volusia County gas station early Friday morning, but it's not known if any of them were shot, police said.

The robbery happened around 2:30 a.m. at the Sunoco at 300 North Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach.

According to Daytona Beach police, three gunmen entered the gas station and robbed the store.  The gas station owner, the clerk and a customer were in the store at the time.

Surveillance video shows one of the gunmen, all of whom were wearing masks and hoods, who was wearing a long sleeved white shirt and black pants taking money from a cash register while another wearing a black sweatshirt and camouflage pants points a shotgun at the store owner behind the counter.

Another gunman, wearing a red shirt and black long sleeves is seen on video robbing the customer.

After the culprits ran to a getaway car, the clerk pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at the assailants, shattering the window of a nearby SUV, police said.  It's not known if any of the robbers were wounded in the shooting, although the clerk said he thought one of them had been struck.

"(It was) scary.  I got three guns pointed at me and one shotgun at my chest.  It's scary," said the store owner, who added that all his clerks carry guns.  "I was really very mad.  I'm not going to accept it."

The owner, clerk and customer were not injured.

Daytona Beach police spokesman Jimmie Flynt said it's possible the clerk could face charges for firing a gun in public, but the owner said he's not afraid of that.

"I'll fight it," he said.  "I think I have the right to do it."

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