Neighbor records video of duo burglarizing home, Orange County cops say

Burglary believed to be linked to others in Conway area

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orange County deputies are searching for two burglars after a woman caught them on cellphone video ransacking her neighbor's home in the middle of the day.

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Deputies released the video on Friday showing the woman screaming at the burglars as they put a neighbor's TV into their car before speeding off. The two men kicked in a door of the home on 30th Street on Wednesday morning and carried out a flat-screen TV, according to the report.

The burglars had a plan, but they probably weren't planning to be confronted by Heather Bohannon, who stood within inches of the burglars to record clear video of them committing the crime.

Bohannon told Local 6 she saw a car drive by, then chased down the men when she heard a bang.

"Oh yeah, I could hear them kicking down the door," she said. "The one that I got really close to he was like, 'Oh my God,' or something like that. So, he knew he was being videotaped and there's was nothing he could do because he was holding the TV."

Bohannon realized they might have a gun, but kept recording. She even got close enough to get a clear picture of a tattoo on the suspect's arm.

Deputies think the burglars might be the same ones who burglarized homes in the Conway area last month. In both cases, the burglars seem to be driving a silver four-door car with tinted windows and kicking in the front door to the homes.

"We can't fall victim to this. We have to fight back. We can't depend on the police to do this for us," said Bohannon. "We have to fight for our right to feel safe in our own homes."

Orange County deputies release video of burglary