Leesburg man catches suspected peeping Tom looking into daughter's window

Doran Curtis, 49, charged with loitering, prowling

LEESBURG, Fla. – A father in Leesburg took matters into his own hands to protect his daughter from her neighbor, who they call a peeping Tom.

Doran Curtis, 49, of Lake County, was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with loitering and prowling.

Steven Foster said his daughter, who lives next door to Curtis, called him last week about after she spotted Curtis in her backyard. Foster called to report the suspicious behavior, but said investigators were unable to do anything until they caught Curtis looking into the house.

Foster said Saturday night he decided to go over to his daughter's house and check on her. He saw Curtis get dropped off and staked out the backyard to see if he could catch him looking into his daughter's house. Foster said, sure enough, he caught him doing it not once, but twice.

"He walked right up to the window and he'd stare right in the window," said Foster.

Foster called 911 again to report what he was seeing. Foster said he watched Curtis walk out the side door of his home and walk around to the back of his daughter's house. He said he watched Curtis put both hands on her window and peek in.

"The first time he was quick, he looked in the window and I guess nobody was in there so he left," Foster said. "So I waited and then when I moved to this (other) side. That's when he stood there for the longest. So that's when I called the police department."

Foster said when police arrived, Curtis had already walked back into his house, but moments later they caught him walking back out in only his boxers and assumed he was headed back to the young woman's window.

Investigators searched Curtis' home and found a pornographic website on his computer. Curtis admitted to investigators that he was looking into the woman's window but could not explain why.

According to online records, Curtis was arrested and charged with loitering and prowling in 2005 and also in 2010.