Winter Park High School issues refund for yearbook riddled with errors

School to give DVDs to students who want to keep book

11pm yearbook mistakes
11pm yearbook mistakes

WINTER PARK, Fla. – There are so many mistakes in the 2013-14 Winter Park High School yearbook that the school's principal said students can return it and receive a refund or keep the yearbook and get a DVD of the updated version.

The book that students and parents paid $50-$70 for has errors throughout the 339 pages. Some words are misspelled so badly you can't even make the word out.

"Oh my God, our coach 'teacheting,' that's really bad," said student Sienna White while looking over the mistakes.

"Altjhojhgh" and "perservierene" appear in the book as well as these phrases: "Three stunts where done and the crown was in awe" and "Once our coached gave us out pep talk i was able to get in the water and warm up."

"The yearbook represents the school not only this year, but for generations to come and it seemed like just a real bad message to send, particularly when public schools are under so much scrutiny and criticism now," said Randy Noles, the publisher of Orlando Life and the Winter Park Magazine.

Noles graduated from Winter Park High and his son will be graduating from the school this year.

"The issue is not just about the yearbook; it's about setting standards of excellence and preparing students for the real world by teaching them the importance of giving every job their best effort," Noles said.

The school's principal said the yearbook adviser took a leave of absence halfway through the school year. An editor who wants to remain anonymous sent the following statement to Local 6:

"Due to our lack of funds for the yearbook program, we were forced to squeeze two months of work into two weeks, which explains the copious amount of errors in the book. As an editor, I do admit the book could have been a hundred times better, but as stated in a slip we single-handedly place in each book, it is a student-made book and everyone was well aware of that when purchasing it."

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