Door-to-door security alarm scam hits Palm Bay residents

Local 6 News at 5:00p
Local 6 News at 5:00p

PALM BAY, Fla. – Police in Palm Bay are warning residents of a scam going around using fake security alarms as a front.

People are posing as salesman, but they could be actually casing homes to come back later and rip homeowners off, according to authorities.

GiGi Ramirez just moved into a Palm Bay neighborhood earlier this month and never expected that a scammer would knock on her door.

"I knew it was a scam because I never called them," said Ramirez.

Police say some people are posing as a security alarm salesman from various companies. Ramirez told the imposter that she wasn't interested, but he still kept trying.

"They wanted to give me gift certificates from Home Depot and Lowe's. I said, 'I don't want anything like that. I never called you.' I told them to get out," she said.

Yvonne Martinez with Palm Bay police says this type of suspicious activity is on the rise in central Florida and could lead to bigger problems.

"People who were approached by these people actually became victims of crime later, whether it's a burglary or sexual battery or something else," said Martinez. "Some of them will use that as an opportunity to commit a crime."

Police say the best way to avoid these scams is to not answer the door for anyone you don't recognize. If they keep harassing you, they say to call law enforcement.

Alarm companies normally don't use door-to-door sales tactics, according to police. They say the biggest thing to look out for is a valid badge and uniform.

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