News 6 Storm Pins App gives users real-time weather information

Weather spotting becomes social with new smartphone app


WKMG-TV News 6 has released a new, free app, called News 6 StormPins, which gives users severe weather and breaking news information -- in real time -- via official storm spotters, emergency responders and concerned citizens. The News 6 StormPins App was designed for mobile and tablet devices and is available now for download on iPhone and Android devices.

The app user will be able to generate videos, share photos and engage in two-way chats.  They will also be able to instantly share information about tornadoes, hail, flooded roads, downed trees or power lines and more.

All content is geo-tagged, creating a real-time map that can also be broadcast live on TV. The shared platform filters out false information or multiple reports of the same incident.

With its colorful and visually stunning graphics, the app is easy to use and can also be a way for viewers to share pictures and video of non-emergency happenings, such as a beautiful sunset or rainbow.

Here's how it works:

1. Download StormPins by searching "WKMG" in your app store.

2. Tap the "Drop Pin" button on the footer bar.

3. Once your phone has identified your location, tap the "Drop Pin" button in the top left corner.

4. Select the type of weather incident (i.e. a thunderstorm, downed power line, or even "other" -- if you want to share a picture at the beach or elsewhere).

5. Tap the "Photo" or "Video" button to share an image or quick video. Or just leave a comment and click "Submit." Your weather event is now on the News 6 StormPins map!