Volusia County nursing home license downgraded

Daytona Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center fined more than $20,000

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Daytona Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center -- the nursing home at the center of a Daytona Beach Police Department investigation -- has a troubled past, according to Florida's Agency for Healthcare Administration.

The agency charged with inspecting nursing homes has downgraded the facilities license twice in the past seven years.

In late June, ACHA issued a $22,000 fine against the Daytona Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center. Its license was also downgraded to "conditional" because the facility did not meet state requirements.

Documents obtained by Local 6 show the facility is under fire for improperly documenting the care of three different patients -- one who was on dialysis, another who needed a catheter and a third who was on medication.

ACHA issued a fine for those violations saying, "The facility's noncompliance has caused or is likely to cause serious injury, harm, impairment or death."

The rehab was also fined for an issue involving medication dosing a problem the state required them to fix immediately.

As a result of those violations, ACHA said the Daytona Beach facility will be on their "Nursing Home Watch List" for the next two and a half years.

Local 6 spoke with the attorney for the facility in a conference call on Friday afternoon. Rick Harris said new leadership has been brought in and has made changes.

"As part of the compliance the facility has to go through a full state inspection every six months and they just went through one of those cycles and just on the 10th of this month found they are in full compliance," said Harris.

Much of the information uncovered by Local 6 on Friday is also available to the public on ACHA's website. Click here to be directed to the state-run website which can be searched by county, facility, and inspection rating. Consumers can also dig deeper to find out about recent complaints.