Woman: Water park kicked me out over swimwear

Jill Sweeney says her sexual orientation factored into decision

Local 6: Morning News at 6a
Local 6: Morning News at 6a

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – An Indiana woman is asking for an apology after she was reportedly told she couldn't swim at a Michigan water park because of her swimwear.

Jill Sweeney visited the WildWater Adventure in Muskegon, Michigan, on July 9.

Sweeney says she was enjoying a bachelorette party with her wife, when a supervisor said that her swimsuit was not appropriate.  She was wearing men's swimming trunks and a tank top.

Sweeney said she feels she was singled out because she is a lesbian.

However, the park's manager says it had nothing to do with her sexual orientation, but that her clothing was not considered swimwear.

Sweeney is asking for an apology from the water park, and she has also contacted several attorneys who handle discrimination lawsuits.

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