Family dog stolen while on walk with 7-year-old boy

Volusia County deputies investigate theft


DeLAND, Fla. – A Volusia County family is devastated after their red nose pit bull was stolen.

Anthony Cavallero said his 7-year-old son was walking the dog around 10:30 a.m. Sunday when a man took her.

"He says some man jumped out of a car and took the dog right off the chain, grabbed her harness, threw her in the car and took off," said Cavallero.

Cavallero said he was teaching his son about chores and taking responsibility and walking their dog Red was one of them. The boy was walking around the block from his house with another little girl when Red was taken. It happened near the intersection of South Montgomery Street and West Taylor Road in Deland.

"I don't let him walk alone and another girl walked with him and not even 10-15 minutes later I hear him crying and screaming," said Cavallero.

The Cavallero's only had Red for three days. A neighbor who could no longer keep her with their newborn gave Red to them but since she lived just down the street, they've known the dog since she was a puppy.

The family can't help but think the 8-month-old red nose was taken to be bred or fought and they just want her back.

"I know what they're going to do with her, or I have a feeling of what they want to do with her. (I) just want the dog to be safe, really," said Cavallero.

Two women who were driving home from breakfast Sunday morning saw the man jump out of his car and take the dog. They also filed a police report saying the man ran them off the road trying to speed away.

Anyone with any information about the dog theft is asked to contact the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.