Thousands of Osceola County students still waiting on report cards

School district apologizes for delay

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Six weeks after the school year ended, more than 12,000 high school students are still waiting for their final spring grades.

The Osceola County School District says despite teachers entering in correct grades, a programming error caused the wrong grades to show up on the report cards.

The district told Local 6 that it is conducting a double-verification process to ensure that the students' grades are now correct.  Both the district and each high school are bringing in a team to check each student's report card.

"We apologize.  We understand this is an inconvenience," said district spokeswoman Dana Schafer.  "They have found where the errors are, and we have had a change in programmers, so this will not hopefully happen again."

Many parents, including Dunia Salcieio, are upset because of the lack of communication from the district.

"The report card is not ready, that's all they will tell me.  But they don't say why," she said.  "Everyone makes mistakes.  We are not perfect, but tell the parent what is going on."

The district said that most of the report cards have been validated and printed.  

Parents will be notified by phone and the district website when the report cards are ready, perhaps by the end of the week, officials said.