Boy, 8, bitten by shark in Brevard County

Aadyn Crick bitten on knee while swimming in Indialantic


INDIALANTIC, Fla. – An 8-year-old boy is recovering Tuesday after being bitten by a shark while playing in the water off Indiatlantic's Fifth Avenue beach.

Aadyn Crick is visiting from Indiana with his family and friends and described what Monday's shark attack was like from his hospital bed.

"The waves pushed me down on the sand and I went to get back up and something pushed me down and my whole skin was gone", he said. "My eyes opened and then about a second later, I started to scream because it hurt so much."

Aadyn, who is currently being held at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, was experiencing the beach for only the second time in his life.

He said he was walking in the water when he felt something brush up against him. Aadyn's mother, Michelle Jarmon, said it was a shocking and gruesome experience.

"And I turn around and he was within several arms reach and I just reached up and pull him up out of the water and I could see the bone," said Jarmon. "I think it's a lot for an 8-year-old to be able to say that they walked out in the water, got bit and walked back out."

Aadyn said he won't be getting back in the water anytime soon.

Doctors said he has ligament and cartilage damage in his knee and it could be a couple of months before he is able to put weight on the knee.

The family had plans of going to Universal Studios and Disney World during the rest of their vacation but now plan on resting and working towards a quick recovery for Aadyn.

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