So-called 'Ninja robber' seeks bond reduction

Judge pushes hearing to later date

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man accused of being one of the so-called ninja robbers in an Orange County home invasion appeared before a judge Wednesday in an attempt to reduce his bond.

According to deputies, Frank Bower was part of a group of men who dressed in ninja-style clothing during a robbery in May.

Surveillance video released in July showed several men lead the homeowner inside his Windermere mansion.  The group of men bound the homeowner's hands and robbed him of tens of thousands of dollars, according to investigators.

Since his arrest, Bower has been held in the Orange County Jail and faces several charges, but currently holds a no-bond status on his first charge of armed home invasion.

Prosecutors argued Wednesday that Bower admitted to his role in the robbery. Meanwhile, Bower's attorney said that evidence does not support the charges.

"They want to say he's admitted to everything," said defense attorney Anne Wedge-McMillen. "In the same breath, they want to say he should be held on no bond for these terrible acts."

Several witnesses were set to testify in the bond hearing Wednesday, but a scheduling conflict forced the judge to push the hearing to a later date.

A date for the new bond hearing has not yet been set.

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