Women robbed at gunpoint outside Walmart in Holly Hill

Police search for gunman, getaway driver

HOLLY HILL, Fla. – As Holly Hill police continue to search for a gunman who targeted two women at a Neighborhood Walmart on North Nova Road, shoppers tell Local 6 they're taking extra precautions.

Police said the women, both in their 70s, were confronted at gunpoint in the middle of the day Tuesday as they walked together in the parking lot. The gunman demanded their purses and then drove off.  The women were not injured.

Local 6 spoke to one of the victims, a 76-year-old woman who didn't want to be identified.

"It's terrifying for someone to point a gun at you," she said of the attack, which happened with her cousin. "If he would have asked for the money I would have given him a check or as much cash as I had. I screamed and 17 people came to our assistance. I was just shocked, my cousin had a stroke recently and I was worried that she would die right on the spot."

Police said they are looking for a bald, white man who was last seen wearing a light blue shirt and baseball cap. The robber had help from a getaway driver, described by police as a white woman with a ponytail and sunglasses.

The pair got away in an early to mid 2000 model Chevrolet Silverado white pickup truck with an extended cab. The truck had a paper tag with a possible number of 062814.

"I have my pepper spray, so if they come behind me I would take it out," said Yolanda Baham.

Robert Gelles said that he carries a gun for protection.

"I carry this everywhere. If I witnessed someone robbing some old ladies, I'd probably shoot them in the knee caps," he said.

Police said Walmart security cameras caught the robbery and say the video will be released Wednesday morning.

The victim tells Local 6 that although she is frustrated that the surveillance video doesn't show the suspects clearly, she feels lucky to be alive.

"It's a shame that old ladies, almost 80 years old, that young people come up to you, point a gun at you and grab your purse," she said. "Hopefully they'll find a better way to get their needs satisfied.

If you have any information contact Holly Hill police at 386-248-9475.