Lake County principal demoted to teacher

Former Eustis Middle School principal says he was demoted over presentation

EUSTIS, Fla. – A popular former Lake County principal wants answers after Monday's school board vote to move ahead with the superintendent's decision to demote him. 

David Cunningham has been principal at Eustis Middle for four years and has worked for Lake County Schools for more than 30 years and was abruptly demoted after a memo from Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley on July 31. 

The memo reads, "This is to inform you, that in the best interest of Lake County Schools, as of Monday August 4, 2014, I am transferring you to the position of Instructional Teacher, Social Studies at Lake Minneola High School."

Cunningham says it's the only explanation he's gotten from Dr. Moxley. The letter came soon after a recent school board meeting where he criticized his boss and pointed out her policies he says are failing the school district. He says he wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with his demotion, but he wants a real explanation. 

"The level of respect that was shown me in how this demotion occurred and I still don't know the reason why," Cunningham said. "I would have preferred that they just outright fire me."

Over the years, Cunningham says he's butt heads with Dr. Moxley before, and she's actually demoted him without explanation three times. He thinks she is threatened by him. 

"I think that most of these moves have been made to make sure that I never ever got to a point where the board would consider me to be superintendent," he said. 

At a school board meeting Monday night, the board voted 3-2 to move forward with the superintendent's decision the demote Cunningham. 

He says he hasn't shown up to his new appointment as teacher at Lake Minneola High School because he's on medical leave. Cunningham hinted at continuing to fight to get his job back, but would not say if he's considering a lawsuit. 

Dr. Moxley refused to take questions from Local 6 at a meeting Tuesday night. Through a spokesman, she said she wouldn't comment on the situation with Cunningham.