Man stole mail from mailboxes to open credit cards, Flagler cops say

Man sought after being caught on surveillance video stealing mail


FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. – Flagler County deputies are searching for the man they say stole identities by stealing mail from various mailboxes in Flagler Beach.

Deputies said the man was spotted on surveillance video removing mail from mailboxes from the 4000 block to the 6000 block on John Anderson Drive.

According to the report, the man takes the mail, submits a change of address form and has the victims' mail forwarded to a vacant residence. He then collects the mail and keeps information to open bank accounts and credit cards, deputies said.

Joe Gardner only realized he was a victim when his mail carrier noticed an unusual change of address form.

"She figured something was wrong. She held it on herself and called me," said Gardner. "(I'm) very lucky and really grateful."

The criminal who stole his identity even made a fake driver's license using a variation of his name.

He was lucky to catch the crime in time, but another neighbor was not.

"Be real cautious about your mail," said Gardner. "Know that he can continue this and do it to somebody else and possibly ruin them. By the time they catch up with the credit reports, it ruins your credit."

Contact Flagler County deputies at 386-586-4875 or Crime Stoppers at 888-277-TIPS if you have any information on the incident.