Ocala police search for 2 in armed carjacking

Woman carjacked in driveway, purse, phone also stolen


OCALA, Fla. – Ocala police are investigating a carjacking early Wednesday morning where a woman had her car stolen in her driveway with her purse, cellphone and money.

Police said the victim arrived at her home on NE 1st Avenue just before 2 a.m. when an unknown masked man with a handgun approached her, said "get down!"and took the victim's car keys and cellphone.

Two men got into the victim's vehicle and drove toward NE 25th Street, police said. The woman's iPhone 4 that was stolen was valued at $400, according to the report. Several other items were stolen with the vehicle, including a Samsung flip phone, a Kenneth Cole purse with multiple credit cards in it and $700 in cash.

The victim's car was found at Jordon Court Apartments while she was being interviewed, police said, but her iPhone and purse were not found with the car.

Police said the victim at first didn't want to press charges and just wanted her car back. The victim also didn't want her vehicle processed by officers because there was "nothing to find." The victim then decided to allow police to process her vehicle when she realized her purse was stolen from the trunk.

Police searched for the carjackers around the vehicle but were unable to find them. One of the men was described by police as a black male wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, black sweatpants, black and white Adidas shoes, with a black hood over his head and face and black winter-type gloves. The man was armed with a small black automatic handgun, police said.

The second man was only described as a black male wearing dark clothing and possibly wearing something red, according to police.

It's not clear if this carjacking is connected to the carjacking reported on Tuesday.

Contact Ocala police if you have any information on the carjacking.