Parramore residents to march to deliver complaints on Orlando Police Department

Residents complain of police in riot gear shutting down block party

Local 6 News at 6:00p
Local 6 News at 6:00p

ORLANDO, Fla. – A small group of residents who live in the city's Parramore neighborhood marched to city hall Thursday evening as a show of unity against the Orlando Police Department.

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The marchers protested the use of police in riot gear and the launching of smoke canisters as a way to break up a block party on July 27.

Orlando police estimate the crowd grew to nearly 1,000, and they say that's what prompted the large police response.

No one was injured in the confrontation, and no one was arrested.

Block party organizers claim the gathering was peaceful, and police agree.

That is why some residents of the Parramore area are confused about why police responsed they way they did.

Many have drafted complaints, which they plan to deliver to City Hall and to the police department.

Organizers were disappointed at the small number of people that turned out on Thursday, choosing to march with their bullhorn on urging people to come out of their homes and march with them.

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