Orlando police release body camera video from Parramore block party

Exclusive video obtained by Local 6 shows different angle of what happened

Local 6 News at 6:00p
Local 6 News at 6:00p

ORLANDO, Fla. – New video from the night Orlando police officers broke up a block party in the city's Parramore neighborhood gives a new perspective of what happened that night.

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Residents living in the predominantly black area claim they were unfairly targeted by police, who stormed the stormed the party in full riot gear and launched smoke canisters to disperse crowds.

Orlando police said their massive response was prompted by the large number of people who attended the party. Officers estimate between 800 and 1,000 people were walking the streets close to midnight on July 27.

Previously, cellphone video shot by some of the party-goers was the only glimpse of what it looked like when police marched through the streets with their shields and batons.

Now, in video obtained exclusively by Local 6, body cam video from two of the police officers shows a different angle.

Within the hour-and-a-half of footage, you can see officers getting instruction on what to do once they start marching. One officer looks down the street and criticizes the crowd of people at the other end.

"They're just going to sit down there until we come," he said to another officer. "Boy, you got to love my people. Hard headed until the very end."

"One person's comment isn't indicative of the Orlando Police Department and its position on anything," said Sgt. Lovetta Quinn-Henry. "That's one officer's comment and his own opinion."

The video also shows the residents' refusal to leave the streets, despite police on loud speaker and in person telling them to go home. It also shows police tackling one man for refusing their orders -- a man who turned out to be deaf.

"He's deaf!" screamed the women around him who had refused to listen to police orders right before the tackle. "That's all we've been trying to tell ya'll. He can't hear ya'll."

Orlando police said there is no internal investigation underway despite questions surrounding their tactics. They said no official complaints have been filed.

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