Python lived undetected in family's home for week

10-foot-long snake found draped over armrest of sofa

They thought their house was haunted.

But a Canadian family discovered their "ghost" was actually a 10-foot-long python that had been living in their home for at least a week before being captured.

The Burmese python had been seen in the neighborhood a couple weeks earlier.

On Sunday night, Rachel Leck found it draped over the armrest of her sofa as she sat down, the CBC reported.

"There was some screams and there was some swearing," she told the National Post.

Leck grabbed her 10-year-old son and fled to a neighbor's house. It took three police officers and one animal control officer to wrangle the reptile with a long pole and drop it into a cage.

The family has no idea how the snake managed to get inside. But one thing's for sure -- they're pretty creeped out.