Controversial saggy pants ban could be repealed

Ocala city officials to discuss ordinance at Sept. 16 meeting

11pm Saggy Pants Law
11pm Saggy Pants Law

OCALA, Fla. – The controversial saggy pants ban in Ocala could soon be repealed.

Tuesday morning, city leaders took a second look at the saggy pants ordinance at a special meeting.

The meeting comes a month after the council unanimously voted to fine anyone wearing saggy pants on city property.  The fine is $500.

The NAACP has threatened to sue over the ordinance, saying it targets a specific race.

City and council members decided on Tuesday to wait until another meeting on Sept.16 to decide on either repealing the ban or changing the penalties of the ban from criminal to civil.

City officials say as of now the ban is in effect but while there is still debate going on, the police department won't enforce the ban.