Orange County deputies crack down on crosswalk violators

Drivers issued tickets for $164

Local 6 News at Noon
Local 6 News at Noon

ORLANDO, Fla. – Law enforcement officers in Orange County were out in full force looking for drivers who failed to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

The initiative, called "Best Foot Forward," was part of a push to keep adults and kids safe now that school is back in session.   Violators were issued a ticket for $164.

"I slowed down to about 20 (mph) to make sure he wasn't going to walk out in front of me, and then I get pulled over and get two tickets," said Preston Newman.

Newman was one of several drivers ticketed on Edgewater Drive in College Park Tuesday morning. As part of the campaign, two officers in plain clothes attempt to get across a street in a marked crosswalk. One after another, drivers were spotted driving through without stopping.

One block in each direction, motorcycle officers were standing by to pull over driver who didn't comply.

"To me, it's pedestrian against the vehicle, a 200-pound man against a 4,000-pound car. I mean, to me, it should be the pedestrian who needs to watch where he's going," said Newman.

Most drivers said they weren't aware of the law that requires you to stop for someone already in the crosswalk. This campaign is meant to help educate them.

"We do this because Orlando is consistently ranked as the No. 1 most dangerous place to be a pedestrian in America," said Joan Carragher, community outreach coordinator for Best Foot Forward.

Officers moved on to a crosswalk on Conway Road, where despite signs and the marked crosswalk, even more drivers did not stop.

Creating awareness about yielding for pedestrians is the ultimate goal with this campaign. On Wednesday, Orange County sheriff's deputies will be out doing the same thing at different crosswalks around the county.